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About Us

We are a small, independent, family-farming business on the east coast of Taiwan.  We are passionate about natural farming and believe in transparency, fair trade, and sustainable organic farming practices that preserve the ecology of Taiwanese farming operations for future generations. 

We specialize in Ashitaba and have built strong relationships with many of the Ashitaba farmers in Taiwan over the past 15 years. Our friendships with Ashitaba farmers and others within the natural farming community have helped us source what we consider to be the finest Ashitaba in Taiwan. 


Despite its long history of cultivation in Taiwan and Japan, Ashitaba remains relatively unknown. Douli Tea Co. was created out of a personal love of tea culture and to bring natural farmed Ashitaba tea to a wider audience. We are farmers ourselves, and it is this expertise we bring to our own production of Ashitaba. The tea is a staple in our home, we hope it is in yours too!

Read more about natural farming here.


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